At Torch Cigar Bar, LLC (“Torch”), we want to maximize your reactions as our guests. Our mission is to entertain.

cigar bar membership benefits

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Members are entitled to the private conference room at no additional cost, seven days a week. Reservations are required. No additional cost is defined as room use only. Any cigars, services or drinks will incur their regular costs, minus applicable 20% membership deduction.

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As a continuing member, you must be paid in full one month (30 days) prior to your yearly contract’s expiration date. You have received a copy of the membership application and agreement or have printed this copy. You understand and agree to by the membership rules and regulations. Torch has the right to amend the rules, regulations and membership pricing at any time. Torch reserves the right to suspend membership privileges – including charging rights – until all amounts of past due charges are settled.

Our billing system is PCI compliant.  Every time sensitive information such as credit card number, name, and address is exchanged between your computer and our billing system, the communication is automatically encrypted with SSL, among the safest encryption method to date.

In order to prevent credit card fraud, we do not process automated address verification. Every order is verified and shipped manually by our staff. If shipping and billing addresses are different, we will confirm the authenticity of the order with the cardholder, both for the cardholder’s and company’s protection. While shopping at, your IP address will be monitored. Any fraudulent credit card use attempt will be notified to authorities.

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Torch reserves the right to amend the contract at any time. Memberships may be suspended or revoked for nonpayment of a bill, breach of this contract, misconduct, failure to adhere to any of the rules or unpaid fees. It is the policy of torch that no illegal substances or materials including but not limited to, firearms or weapons of any kind, will be put or stored in any of the cigar lockers at any time. Torch does not insure, nor is responsible for any content stored in the cigar lockers. Torch will maintain a key to all lockers, and we reserve the right to access the lockers at any time necessary by law or Torch policy. If a locker key is ever misplaced or lost, a $30 non-refundable fee will be charged to replace the member’s key.

Members are to comply with all local, state and federal laws. It is Torch’s policy that no illegal substances nor materials, including by not limited to, any firearms or weapons will be put or stored in any of the cigar lockers. The purpose of the lockers are to hold and store legal tobacco products and accessories (i.e. lighters, cigar cutters, ashtrays) that are incidental to cigars. Torch does not insure, nor is responsible for, any contents stored in the cigar lockers. Torch maintains a key to all lockers and we reserve the right to access the lockers at any time necessary by Torch policy, or by law.

Membership benefits are with the understanding that every reasonable request shall be met, or exceeded posthaste. Additions to member’s benefits are possible.

Please be safe and enjoy everything responsibly. Payment for membership is due upon time of signature and is non-transferable and non-refundable. Membership is subject to limited availability.

Torch is our first cigar bar, and your last.