Cigar lovers who cannot smoke indoors face the same problem each year: how to smoke comfortably outdoors in the middle of freezing weather.

Accessories for Smoking Outdoors during Winter

(Pixabay / Free-Photos)

Smoking outdoors when temperatures are hovering around freezing may not be your favorite way to smoke; however, sometimes you have little choice in where you get to relax and light up. You probably keep your doors and windows closed during the cold winter months to prevent warm air from escaping outside. In this type of environment, however, it’s not a good idea to smoke a cigar indoors because the smoke will linger in the house for a long time. Indoor smoke is especially problematic if someone in your home has asthma or other breathing problems.

You might find it difficult to fully enjoy your cigar outdoors when you are shivering and cold. Remember that it can take a couple of hours to smoke a cigar, so you need to plan on keeping yourself warm for an extended period of time.

The following are some of the things that you will need in order to enjoy your cigar when you have to smoke outdoors:

  • An outdoor heater – If you plan on smoking on your patio or balcony, you need something to help counteract the cold temperature. An outdoor heater is an excellent product to help minimize the bitter cold of winter. There are outdoor heaters that are portable or come with wheels. You can easily move them around so that you can sit where you want and enjoy.
  • A cigar lighter that works in the cold – Butane lighters are popular cigar lighters, but they need to be kept warm before lighting. Most cigar lighters struggle in freezing temperatures or windy conditions. Remember to keep your butane lighter in your pocket to keep it toasty. When it is windy, a dual or triple flame lighter is more likely to withstand the wind. Make sure that you have a good lighter that will work in extreme weather conditions.
  • Fingerless gloves – In freezing temperatures, you need to wear gloves in order to prevent frostbite. Smoking with a gloved hand tends to be cumbersome because it’s harder to handle your cigar well. Fortunately, there are fingerless gloves available in today’s market. They keep your hands cozy and still allow you to get a good grip on your cigar.
  • Warm coat and hat – You cannot enjoy your cigar if your body is freezing. Get a warm coat and hat that will keep your blood flowing as you sit down and enjoy your smoke.
  • Cigar tubos – Tubos are glass tubes that allow your cigars to stay fresh and warm without a humidor. They are essential for protecting your cigars when you go outdoors.

As long as you have the proper tools, it is still possible to fully enjoy smoking your cigar outdoors during winter when smoking in the comfort of your home is not possible.