Many of us aspire to be strong, dynamic figures. We long for success in our professional field. We like challenge and adventure, rather than the safe and sometimes tedious routines of day-to-day life. Sometimes this involves seeing life from new vantage points, stepping outside of our comfort zone, or developing a new habit.

City North cigar patio

(Freeimages /Nikhil Mungel)

If you’re considering spicing up your life with cigars, here are some potential advantages:

  • Sleep better – Smoking cigars before bedtime can help some people sleep more restfully and wake up more refreshed and energized. Smoking cigars can have a calming effect, not necessarily from the cigar itself but from the actual ritual of smoking. There can be a certain peace of mind that comes from lighting up, blowing lilting puffs of smoke, and enjoying the fragrance and taste of the cigar.
  • Get business done – Nothing could be more stressful than knowing that you have more to do and more important decisions to make than you can possibly handle. With so much on your plate, you may have the tendency to panic and lose your perspective. Meeting fellow businessmen or leaders in a cigar lounge could be an avenue to discuss the problems at hand and come up with smart, level-headed decisions. Blowing cigar smoke with fellow aficionados is one good way of handling business dilemmas.
  • Social bonding – Social discussion in a cigar lounge can focus on thought-stimulating, relevant issues with like-minded people. A group of politicians or business leaders could talk about government or economic problems while enjoying each other’s company and their favorite fine cigars. Cigar smoking tends to relax the conversation participants, allowing them to share opinions without inhibitions or hot heads.
  • Drink less – While people frequently smoke a cigar and drink whiskey at the same time, the cigar is often enough to help people focus less on drinking and more on the smoking process.

If your routine needs a little variety, consider spending some time in the relaxing surroundings of a cigar bar, enjoying the finer things of life.