Independence Day is celebrated every 4th of July. During this special day, all of us celebrate the independence of our country and the birth of a nation that would go on to become a world super power. Some people hang flags, attend to parades, and, of course, light off more fireworks than a small country has military explosives. How do you celebrate?

American Cigars

At Torch Cigar Bar, we’re proud to be an American company. We’re also proud that our cigar lounger offers some of the best in American cigar brands. This Independence Day weekend, lovers of cigars and spirits will join us, and you should, too. Our contemporary designed space with luxury furnishings and comfortable atmosphere will help you relax away the week and slip into your holiday weekend right.

Indeed, the United States of America is a home to a lot of different things that make our country great. It is an honor to be your cigar destination of choice, Phoenix. Happy birthday, America.