National Apple Month is celebrated in the U.S. every October. The month-long celebration promotes the importance of apples as a healthy fruit. It also focuses on the use of apples as ingredients or components in various products. The apple industry sponsors foodservice promotional contests and sets up retail displays during the celebration. Key players in the apple industry are recognized in the course of the observance.

Apple-Flavored Cigars and Tobacco

(Pixabay / Kapa65)

The apple, though not native to America, has become one of the most popular fruits in our culture, hence the saying “as American as apple pie.” Many Americans are fond of apple flavoring. You can find it in candies, beverages, cakes, and cookies.

The apple flavor is not limited to food and drinks. It is widely used in cigars and other tobacco products.

Tobacco products with apple flavoring include:

  • Apple-flavored cigarettes – Several varieties of cigarettes have a distinctive apple flavor, including DJ Mix – Iced Green Apple.
  • Middleton’s Black & Mild Cigarillo Natural Apple – This cigar brand is filled with pipe tobacco. It is designed for people who enjoy the taste and aroma of pipe tobacco but do not find it convenient to light up a pipe. This product is a pipe-tobacco cigar. It is made of short fillers with mild strength and uses natural wrappers with apple flavor.
  • Sutliff – With the popular blend of apple flavor, this cigar is made from a mixture of toasted black Cavendish with a Burley finish and a very slight suggestion of sweet apple. The caramelized Cavendish also exudes a hint of brown sugar which evokes the essence of baked apple.
  • Apple Blend Pipe Tobacco – This is a superior blend of Burley and Virginia tobaccos that are infused with a mild apple base. The blending of the two fine tobaccos produces a crisp taste of fresh apples that refreshes the palate of pipe smokers.

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