Your cigar will do you no good unless you light it up. However, when it comes to lighting your cigar, there are good ways and bad ways to do so. If you light your cigar with the wrong kind of instrument, there’s a chance that you could end up ruining its flavor. So, make sure you know your stuff before attempting to light up.

Best Way to Light Cigars

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Since they are easy to find, matches are one of the most common ways to light a cigar. They are small and easy to store, making them convenient to store at home and to take on the go.

If you plan on using a match to light your cigars, make sure that you find matches that are longer than average. Using longer matches will make it easier to light the cigar without fear of burning your fingers. One of the biggest drawbacks to using a match is that they sometimes give off the taste of sulfur, which will then make its way into the cigar. This will inevitably affect the flavor. However, if you let the match burn down to the wood before making contact with your cigar, you can avoid tainting the taste.

Cedar stick

Using a cedar stick is one of the best ways to prevent extra flavors or scents from entering your cigar. Cedar sticks are relatively easy to find and are available at most cigar lounges or shops. If you buy a stash of them, you can also store them in your humidor to use for later.

When lighting a cedar stick, you can use a match or a lighter. You should let the stick burn down a bit before lighting your cigar. Cedar sticks are a preferred method for lighting a cigar because they not only eliminate strange tastes but can enhance the flavor of your cigars as well.


Lighters are another popular and convenient way to fire up your cigar. However, not all lighters are good for your cigar. Like matches, butane lighters can taint the flavor of your cigar with the lighter fluid. Try waiting a few minutes after you activate the lighter to touch it to your cigar. While this won’t totally keep the butane flavor from infiltrating your cigar, it can minimize its effects.

While how you light your cigar may not seem like a big deal, it matters. If you take the extra care to make sure no strange flavors enter your cigar, you will find that you have a more pleasurable smoking experience.