Should you buy cigars online or visit your trusted brick-and-mortar retailer to make the purchase? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but let’s look at some of the advantages of each.

Buying Cigars Online

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Online buying:

1. 24/7 access

Unlike with a physical retail outlet, you don’t need to wait for an online cigar store to open. It’s operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can even get your favorite brands during the holiday season. All you have to do is fire up your internet browser, visit the virtual cigar store, pay and receive your pack. It’s that simple.

2. A bigger range to choose from

Another reason to buy cigars online is the range. Think about it. An offline cigar shop can only stock as many brands as its storage space can accommodate. On the contrary, online stores can list as many products as they like since they don’t have any storage restrictions. It’s even easier if they’re drop shipping. With drop shipping, the vendor doesn’t store inventory. Rather, they send orders to a third-party that ships directly to the customer. In general, you can expect a larger inventory with virtual stores than their physical counterparts.

3. Attractive deals

In some cases, you may be able to find better deals on cigars on the internet. While many local merchants will offer you “buy three packs, get one pack of cigars free” type of discounts, there are several vendors on the web that list even better deals such as the ability to earn points on your purchases that you can redeem in the future.

4. Customer service you can access from home

Instead of requiring you to lodge a complaint in-person, these online cigar stores allow you to voice concerns via email, phone and live chat. Some even offer a Knowledge Base that provides you with specific information about the brands, images and buyer reviews that are also helpful to the customer.

5. Convenience

The majority of ecommerce retailers selling cigars offer fast or free delivery of your purchased items. Quick shipping is critical to minimizing the time items spend in transit and separate from their conducive state. You can get the cigars shipped anywhere in Phoenix. The best option is same-day shipping, but some retailers might take 2-3 days to deliver the items to your doorstep.

Store purchases:

1. Instant availability

Rather than waiting for your cigar to be delivered, you can walk into a cigar shop and purchase what you want immediately. When you get that hankering, it’s disappointing to have to defer it until a shipment arrives. You also don’t have to worry about your cigar losing quality if it is not shipped under ideal conditions.

2. Personalized support

Sure, you can chat with a virtual assistant online or even call into a customer service center, but that may not be an acceptable substitute for an in-store expert who can help guide you in making the best purchase. This is particularly useful if you are new to cigar smoking. A store associate can ask about your unique preferences and point you to the cigar that will provide the ultimate smoking experience.

3. See it, feel it

A website will show you an image of a cigar, but that’s different than seeing the cigar for yourself and being able to pick it up with your hands. This can eliminate confusion about the actual size and appearance of the cigar. When you shop in person, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting, and that can lead to…

4. Fewer returns

Even if you really study that cigar image on your computer screen, it may not end up being what you expected. That may cause you to have to return the cigar to the online vendor, which can be a real hassle.

5. Connect with a community

Part of the fun of going into an actual cigar store is hobnobbing with fellow cigar smokers and enthusiasts. You can see what other people are buying and get their advice on favorite brands.

6. Secure purchases

You always take a risk when you send your personal information into the digital world. This risk can be minimized if a website offers data encryption or SSL security. Still, if buying online makes you a little jittery, making purchases at a familiar cigar store may offer greater peace of mind.

The verdict

Whether to buy online or at an actual store is a matter of personal choice. Weigh the pros and cons against your preferences and priorities. If you just can’t get away from the perk of being able to see, feel, smell, etc. the cigar, buying in person is probably the safest bet. And don’t forget to factor in added benefits that we may not have touched on above. For instance, Torch Cigar Bar offers not only a large selection of some of the finest cigars but also a luxurious setting to enjoy them in.

Come into the bar, choose a premium cigar from our High Street cigar shop with the assistance of our knowledgeable assistants. Then savor your cigar in our luxurious indoor setting or on our sprawling, resort-style patio (the largest of its kind in the state).