Friendship Day is observed on the first Sunday of August in the U.S. Other countries honor the holiday at different times, but regardless of the date, it is an excuse to celebrate friendship with lunch or dinner out, a loving card, a thoughtful gift, or words of appreciation.

Celebrate Friendship Day

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Congress designated Friendship Day with an official proclamation back in 1935, but Hallmark began the unofficial celebration of the holiday in 1919. The idea was for people to celebrate their friendship through cards, which Hallmark produced. After getting the stamp of approval from Congress, Friendship Day thrived for a few years but then fell out of popularity. It was revived again in 1998 with the designation of Winnie the Pooh as the world’s Ambassador of Friendship by the United Nations. The U.N. officially designated July 30 as International Friendship Day, though the U.S. continues its August celebration.

We spend a lot of time focusing on problems of the day, including the obesity epidemic, poverty, stress, and homelessness. Friendlessness or loneliness can exacerbate these problems.

Friendship is an important solution to the ills of society. It can buoy up people who are dealing with misfortune. It can alleviate stress. It is essential for people of all ages, particularly adolescents who are searching for identity and acceptance in a confusing world. Friendship can benefit both emotional and physical health.

True friendship is difficult to find. Some friends will sympathize with you in the tough times but be jealous of your success. True friends love you through the bad and the good. They remember your special days and are there when you need them most.

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