A humidor is either a box or a room with constant humidity that is used to store cigars, cigarettes, or pipe tobacco. Humidors could range from a small wooden box that holds a few cigars to a walk-in room that holds thousands of cigars. The moisture in humidors helps to maintain the quality of cigars. Hygrometers are used to monitor the humidity levels of humidors.

Cigar Humidors

(Pixabay / Paeparadox)

The following are the most common types of humidors:

  • Walk-in humidor – These are full rooms that are constructed to store and showcase cigars. They are commonly found in cigar bars or stores, such as well-known High Street cigar shops in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Cabinet humidor – A cabinet humidor is usually placed on the floor like a piece of furniture, either in cigar bars or lounges. This type of humidor can hold from 1,000 to 5,000 cigars at a time.
  • Personal humidor – Convenient and compact, this box-like humidor is used for personal storage of 20 to 75 cigars. It is also called a desktop humidor.
  • Travel humidor – This small, portable box holds from two to 10 cigars. Jet set cigar lovers can take their travel humidors on the go.

Commercial humidors are typically made of wood but may also be constructed out of acrylic, glass or metal. They are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, but the main consideration is to provide an airtight compartment for storing cigars. Humidors could be homemade or custom-built according to user specifications.

Most humidors, regardless of the material used in the construction, have a veneer of Spanish cedar inside. Spanish cedar is the material of choice for the interior of humidors because it holds more moisture than other type of wood, thereby maintaining humidity. In addition, this wood imparts its unique aroma to the cigars stored in the humidor. If you value a fine smoking experience, invest in a good humidor to preserve the quality of your cigars.