The embargo on Cuban cigars has been lifted by President Barack Obama. With this, a new status between Cuba and the United States of America is now recognized. However, do not get too excited just yet. Why? Because there are some restrictions on importing Cuban cigars into the country.

Cuban cigars

President JFK signed an embargo about 50 years ago which made it illegal for Americans to bring Cuban-made products into the United States. This embargo is still enforced in some respects. So, can Americans import Cuban Cigars today? Kind of.

  • Cuban cigars cannot be sold in America.
  • American can bring in Cuban cigars for personal use. They cannot be sold, wholesaled, or distributed.
  • A passport is still required if you want a shot at acquiring Cuban cigars in person.
  • Personal-use imports of Cuban cigars is limited to a value of $100 per person.

This is the start of a long process of figuring out some hairy politics. Despite these restrictions imposed by the US government on importing Cuban cigars, the partial lifting of the embargo is a sign of good things to come for those who love Cuban cigars.