With Obama starting to lift some of Cuba’s embargo, Cuban cigars may be returning to America sooner than later. Here are a few Cuban cigar favorites to keep an eye out for.

Cuban Cigars to Savor

  1. H. Upmann was the favorite cigar of the late President John F. Kennedy. These cigars are quite bland at the start, but the flavor grows on you as they age. It needs time to develop its flavor. Usually, the clean taste is at its peak at around ten years. It is rumored the President told one of his staff to get as many H. Upmann cigars as possible on the night before he signed the Cuban embargo.
  2. Partagas is a Cuban cigar with a distinct flavor. The Serie D is among their most popular. It has a strong tobacco flavor with hints of earthy essences and peppery tastes. This is one strong cigar.
  3. Cohiba is a popular brand. Even though it is priced on the high end, it has a lot of following. The claim to fame of this cigar is that it was originally made for Cuban leader Fidel Castro. It was his choice of gift for the VIPs of the world. The cigars go through an extended fermentation process. It has a strong grass flavor with some touches of coffee, cocoa, and vanilla mixed in.
  4. Punch has been rolling cigars since 1840. It has a distinct woodsy taste. The subtle flavors of wood blend beautifully with a somewhat strong tobacco flavor. If you are looking for a cigar with balanced flavors, this is the one for you.
  5. Romeo Y Julieta is a strongly flavored cigar. It mixes tangy, nutty, herbal, and floral tastes in a well-balanced manner.
  6. Bolivar is made particularly for cigar aficionados. It mixes earthy flavors with slight hints of fruit and citrus. A strong tobacco flavor is the backdrop of it all.
  7. The Montecristo is among the world’s most popular cigars. Both new and expert cigar smokers can enjoy this brand. It is loaded with different flavors like fruit, sweet, beans, cocoa, vanilla, and coffee.