Tobacco is a huge business. There’s cigarettes, cigars, flavored tobacco, pipes, papers, etc. With so many options, how do you know where to start? Let’s start with the basics; differences between cigarettes and cigars.

Differences between a Cigar and a Cigarette

The first difference is the wrapping. Cigarettes are tobacco leaves wrapped in paper while cigars are tobacco wrapped in a tobacco leaf.

The next obvious difference is the size. Generally, cigars are much larger than cigarettes.

Manufacturing has distinct differences between a cigar and a cigarette, too. Unfermented tobacco leaves of lower quality are used for cigarettes. These are all wrapped in cigarette paper and have a filter attached to its base. While cigarettes have a lot of additives, cigars are made from top grade tobacco leaves and all of their components are usually 100 percent tobacco leaf-based. Even beyond premium ingredients, the tobacco leaves of cigars are fermented with strict management to ensure that every step of the production of a cigar is perfect.

How you light a cigar versus a cigarette is the next big difference. Cigarette lighting is a simple and straight up manner. However, before a smoker can smoke his cigar, he needs to cut the end off. The tip of the cigar must be placed inside the cigar cutter, and the cut must be about an eighth of an inch from the end of the tip. Position the tip over the lighter and light it up. Do not allow the fire to come into contact with the tip. You need to breathe in and out slowly turn the cigar for about 10 seconds. The edges of the tip will begin to glow from the heat of the lighter.