Earth Day is observed on April 22. The commemoration provides a good excuse to get outside, take a whiff of fresh air, notice the beauty around you, and commit to do your part to care for the planet. You may even team up with local efforts to promote environmental issues and take steps to minimize the destructive effects of pollution.

High Street cigar lounge

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Though Earth Day draws our attention to the planet, we should take advantage of every day to move toward more sustainable, eco-friendly practices. If you’re a cigar smoker, you can get in on the “green” movement by smoking cigars and using cigar accessories that are earth-friendly.

The Costa Rican handmade Tesoro Mio is completely organic, grown with no pesticides. The exquisite cigar is aged for five years and uses Ecuadorian Connecticut Deflorado as its wrapper, a Sumatra binder and tobacco filler from Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The Tesoro Mio has a nutty flavor and mild to medium-bodied smoke. The cigar is good for the environment in addition to having a great taste. Light up a Tesoro Mio on Earth day.

For environmentally-conscious cigar smokers, the best option for a humidor is the Eco-Friendly Custom Cigar Humidor Box, which is made of quality, recyclable material. This humidor is perfect for preserving your cigars as well as the planet. Another smart choice is the Eco-Friendly Wooden Cigar Humidor Cabinet that is made from raw, sustainable materials. This fashionable cigar humidor is perfect for any home cigar lounge.

Another way cigar aficionados can honor Earth Day is by recycling their cigar boxes. Most smokers simply toss their empty cigar boxes, without knowing that there are many creative uses for the holders, including storing small items such as buttons, jewelry, or nails. If you don’t have a need for your cigar boxes, make sure to toss them in the recycle bin rather than the standard garbage can where they could be designated for the landfill.