October 21 is Apple Day, a celebration that started in 1904 to help increase apple sales and promote awareness of and interest in apples and apple-related products. Throughout October, the apple industry holds promotional campaigns to remind people about the goodness and benefits of one of America’s most beloved fruits.


Apples in American Culture

Although apples are not native to the United States, they have become one of the most frequently eaten fruits. Johnny Appleseed, who helped populate the Midwest with apple orchards, is a favorite figure in American folklore. Even our vernacular reflects our apple infatuation. Sayings like “as American as apple pie” speak to a deep-seated love for the crisp fruit. We refer to bad influences as rotten apples and describe uneven contrasts as “comparing apples and oranges.”

Apples have made their way into many of our favorite foods—apple dumplings, sparkling apple cider, apple-spice doughnuts, and caramel apples to name a few. Many hard candies and suckers come in apple-flavored varieties.

Apple Flavored Cigars and Tobacco

Apple flavoring isn’t just found in the realm of food, though. Cigars and tobacco are also given apple flavor for that subtle sweetness that makes smoking extra enjoyable. Here are a few tobacco and cigar brands with apple flavoring:

  • Sutliff – Sutliff boasts a popular blend of flavors including apple. It is a gentle mixture of toasted black Cavendish and Burley finished with the slight sweetness of apple. The caramelized Cavendish has an added hint of brown sugar reminiscent of a baked apple.
  • Middleton’s Black & Mild Cigars – The Black and Mild Apple Cigars are a machine-rolled cigar filled with Middleton’s pipe tobacco for people who enjoy the aroma and taste of pipe tobacco but do not have the time to actually smoke a pipe. The tobacco from this Pennsylvania-made plastic tip cigar is both sweet and indulgent.
  • Apple-flavored Cigarettes – There are several varieties of flavored cigarettes that boast the distinctive flavor of apple such as the DJ Mix, Iced Green Apple.

Take in the bounty of the apple harvest in a new way this fall.