Some cigar aficionados travel the world in search of their favorite cigars. They do not mind the miles and the days spent on the road. The hunt is worth it when they get their hands on the rarest cigars in the world. Some people even plan their vacations around the exciting search for exotic new cigars.

Cigar Shops Around The World

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Anyone planning to build their travel around fine cigars may want to include Cuba in their itinerary. Americans can travel to Cuba, but they can also expect a host of restrictions. If Cuba sounds too complicated, you can visit “Habanos” or Cuban cigar companies in other regions of the world.

Consider these options for procuring the best Cuban cigars while abroad:

  • Cohiba Atmosphere – The first concept was opened in 2007 in Hong Kong. From there, more than 20 more shops have opened in other cities of the world. The Cohiba Atmosphere is an upscale and luxurious cigar lounge that aligns with Cohiba’s image as the most popular Cuban brand.
  • Casa del Habano – This shop opened 25 years ago in Beirut, Lebanon, becoming one of the most famous and popular cigar outlets in the world. More than 150 cigar shops are part of the franchise that holds its merchandise to a number of restrictive standards.

In Berlin, cigar lovers can get their fix at:

  • Krohan, Bress & Co. – This cigar shop is beautifully appointed with the look and feel of a luxury apartment where cigar lovers can enjoy their cigars and drinks.
  • Casa Del Habano – this opened as a franchise brand of the Habanos SA. The two-story humidor is located in the Berlin Savoy Hotel, the former seat of the British government sector.
  • Zigarren Herzog – Maximilian Herzog owns this shop, which is considered one of the best cigar outlets in the Western Hemisphere and the best in Berlin.

In Barcelona Spain, cigar lovers can pick up their favorite brands from the following:

  • Estanco DUASO – This is one of the most reliable sources for Cuban cigars in Barcelona.
  • Estanco casa fuster – The shop specializes in Havanas, but its cellar is full of cigars from other sources as well.

Cigar lovers in the U.S. need not travel to different parts of the world in order to get their favorite cigars. Visit Torch Cigar Bar in Phoenix, Arizona to find the most sought-after cigar brands.