While smoking a cigar is divine in itself, it seems that much better when smoking with friends or while doing an activity. Here are some favorite ways to enjoy a cigar.

premium cigar

Having a Beer

The flavor of beer is strong, and it offers a stark contrast to the suave and silky feel of a cigar.

Enjoying Scotch

Opposite to enjoying a beer to contrast a cigar – enjoying a Scotch will compliment a cigar. Scotch and a cigar is where smooth taste meets smooth cigar flavor.

Chat with Friends

Complimenting a cigar with a drink can only be bested by enjoying with friends. Smoking a cigar is respected as a social activity. And what better way to that but to catch up with a friend than to do so over a fine cigar?

Smoke a Cigar while Reading

With all-things-digital these days, reading is still a favorite past time for many. Whether you enjoy the feel of coarse paper from a book turning though your hands or the digital screen of a Kindle, you’re sure to augment your happiness by lighting a cigar while turning the page of your favorite novel. The relaxation that smoking a cigar gives you helps you immerse yourself in a good book.

Hand Games

The sophistication of a cigar seems to bring out the scholar in those who smoke it. Embrace your sophistication and scholarly ways by playing a game of chess, backgammon, dominoes, or even black jack.

Casual Sports

Just as want to slowly enjoy a cigar, why not do so with your sports, too? Pick up a casual game of golf or take in a relaxed day of fishing. The enjoyment of a slow play of golf or soaking up some sun with nature by your side at the lake is unparalleled when doing so with a cigar.