You may find yourself at a loss for what to buy the cigar lover in your life. If you aren’t a cigar aficionado, but you’d like to be sure your present is perfect, we have some suggestions.

Gifts for Cigar Lovers

(Pixabay / monicore)

Cigar lovers enjoy the taste of their favorite cigars as much as the ceremonial aspect of lighting and smoking. Help your loved one fully appreciate the ritual of cigar smoking by giving him or her the accessories that will make for a truly relaxing and satisfying experience.

The following items will make perfect gifts for the cigar lover in your life:

  • Cigar selection – A cigar selection makes a great gift when you do not know what someone’s favorite cigar is. Giving a small cigar selection that includes a sample of some of the most popular brands will allow the recipient to try different flavors. Some brands even have ready-made gift sets. If you know your cigar enthusiast’s brand of choice, this could be a good way to introduce him or her to new favorites.
  • Humidors – A humidor is a necessity for every cigar lover. Humidors are small boxes that hold several cigars. They keep the cigars in their optimal condition until they are ready to be smoked. Keeping the cigars in a humidor will also retain their unique aroma and taste. If the person you will be gifting is always on the go, consider giving him or her a travel humidor that can be packed away easily.
  • Cigar cutters – A cigar cutter is essential for every cigar smoker. Cigar aficionados will not likely complain if they receive a number of cigar cutters, because they are a great item to collect. Cigar cutters also come in a variety of styles, so look for something that fits your cigar lover’s personality. If they are outdoorsy, consider something classic but durable; on the other hand, if they are very chic, look for a cigar cutter with an elegant design.
  • Cigar lighters – Cigars lighters are different than those used for cigarettes. A torch lighter is a popular option amongst cigar lovers. It produces a larger flame, which is perfect for lighting the broad end of a cigar. Giving the person you love a beautiful and elegant torch lighter will surely make his or her Christmas a special one.
  • Cigar ashtrays – If there are cigarette smokers in the house, do not expect a cigar aficionado to be sharing the ashtray with them. Cigars require a different ashtray than cigarettes because of their larger size. Give the cigar enthusiast in your life a cigar ashtray. They come in many different colors and patterns, so choose one to suit their individual style.

It’s never too early to start shopping for the holidays, and if someone on your list is a cigar lover, you will have many gift items to choose from.