Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 14. The day is intended to celebrate mothers and mother figures and honor them for the sacrifices they regularly make.

Give Mom the Gift of a Cigar

(Pixabay / congerdesign)

It’s not always easy to pick out the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Most gifts will fall short of adequately conveying our true feelings for our moms. If you’re looking for a unique and memorable gift, though, consider fine cigars. While the number of women who smoke cigars is still lower than the number of men, that figure has significantly grown since society started accepting female smokers.

At the beginning, a women’s desire to puff on a cigar may have been perceived in a number of ways: threatening, powerful, sexy. Now, cigar smoking is viewed by some women as a way to break through gender barriers on a new frontier.

Many female smokers enjoy the aroma, taste, and ritual of cigar smoking. They crave the overall experience of relaxing with a cigar and enjoying the finer things in life. Cigar smoking women are a regular fixture in trendy clubs all over the country. In fact, the Tobacconist’s Association of America considers female smokers as the next big market.

Women often bring a special flair to smoking, accumulating stylish smoking accessories. The President of Michel Perrenoud International, Helena Stigeler, observed that three times more women than men purchase the company’s trendy pyramid-shaped humidors. Female smokers are also discriminating in their taste in cigars, favoring such known brands as Drew Estates, Cojimar, Tatiana, Padron, and Romeo y Julieta.

Market research in the 1980s showed women comprising one-tenth of only one percent of the cigar market, but industry sources claim that the percentage has risen significantly in the past years.