Ah, fall, with its changing leaves, cooler temperatures, crisp air, seasonal festivals, and edible delights. (Yes, we’re talking about pumpkin-flavored everything here.) And let’s not forget about Halloween here. If you’re a kid, there’s that glorious tradition of going house to house in search of all-you-can-eat, free candy. For adults, there are costume parties and dress-up opportunities at work.

Halloween-themed Cigars

(Pixabay / steve67000)

If you’re a cigar lover, you can add one more enjoyable dimension to your Halloween holiday with some themed cigars to get you into the Halloween spirit. Here’s a look at a few of our top picks:

Tatuaje Monster Series — Halloween isn’t complete without scary monsters, and Tatuaje knows how to deliver. Each year since 2008, Tatuaje has released a new cigar related to classic horror movie monsters. From Frankenstein to Dracula, from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde, each group of cigars comes in a decorative box made just for that specific movie monster. Additionally, each type of cigar has its own unique flavor. For monsters that go together (like Jekyll and Hyde), the individual boxes can be put together to form a full picture, showing the dual personalities becoming one. These cigars are perfect to smoke while enjoying the classic movies or books that inspired the characters.

Surrogates Skull Breaker — While this full-strength cigar certainly packs a punch, it won’t actually break your skull (we hope). The cigar is made from a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper while utilizing a filler of Nicaraguan leaves. Espresso and black pepper are overwhelmingly present, with hints of cedar mixed in. While these strong flavors sound like they would compete for dominance, they balance out and complement each other instead.

Asylum 13 —The Asylum 13 is complex, with hints of spice, nuts, dark chocolate and leather. This Nicaraguan Puro is characterized by a vein-free wrapper that produces a tantalizing earthy aroma. You don’t have to be insane to try this cigar, but you might be considered crazy if you don’t.

Asylum Straight Jacket — Straight jackets are used to restrain inmates or patients who are especially dangerous, so it’s no surprise that this cigar is for those who favor a bolder experience. The full-bodied cigar uses ligero leaves in its blend to give off flavors of roasted nuts, spices, cocoa, and coffee beans. The Nicaraguan tobaccos come together to provide smokers with a strong, sophisticated flavor.

For those who want to add some spooky smoking to their Halloween experience, you can’t go wrong with any of these haunting Halloween cigars.