The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will present the 90th Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscar Awards, on Sunday, March 4. Awards will be given to the best films and performers and other people involved in behind-the-scenes production.

Celebrity Cigar Lovers

(Pixabay / 12019)

People in the movie industry are not only known for their acting but also for their lifestyles. People follow their favorite celebrities in tabloid newspapers and on tabloid television programs and can’t seem to get enough of the gossip.

Due to their elevated income levels, many celebrities vacation and spend their free time in ways that the rest of us can’t afford, but there’s something exciting about watching their lives of luxury.
Among the favorite habits of celebrities is cigar smoking. Famous actors and actresses can often afford the best stogies on the market and can be seen in photos luxuriating in their premium smokes.

In honor of the upcoming Oscar Awards, here’s a look at Hollywood stars who enjoy cigars:

  • Clint Eastwood – He became famous performing in Western movies and was often shown in films smoking a cigar. Eastwood is a true cigar lover even outside of the movies.
  • Jack Nicholson – There are many pictures of Nicholson either holding a cigar or puffing on one. He is known as one of the biggest cigar aficionados in Hollywood.
  • Rihanna – The actress and singer was born in Barbados, a cigar haven. She often lights up a cigar while taking a break from her rehearsals or performances. She loves Arturo Fuente Exqusito and Cohiba Corona Minor.
  • JLo – In addition to being a famous singer and dancer, Jennifer Lopez has acted in several hit movies. Lopez is frequently seen lighting up a high-quality cigar. Her favorite is Padron.
  • Sean Combs – Popularly known as Puff Daddy or P. Diddy, Combs spends his Sundays relaxing with his kids and smoking his favorite Cohiba or Montecristo.
  • Demi Moore – Considered to be one of the highest-paid actresses in the movie industry, Demi Moore often performs in glamorous and provocative roles. Her idea of relaxation is lighting up a Montecristo No. 2 Torpedo.
  • Ice Cube – Famous as an actor and rapper, this Los Angeles native became popular as a part of the gangsta rap group N.W.A. He is frequently seen smoking a cigar, with Punch Magnum Double Maduro as his favorite.

Many movie stars find relaxation smoking their favorite cigars. We can expect that some of them will be lighting up as a form of celebration after the much-anticipated 2018 Academy Awards.