Smoking a cigar is significantly different from smoking a cigarette. You inhale the smoke from a cigarette, but not from a cigar. Smoking a cigar is all about savoring the flavor of the smoke, which you allow to linger inside your mouth before you blow it out. Smoking a cigar is a great way to relax and unwind or to celebrate an important occasion.

Smoke a Cigar Properly

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You should learn how to properly smoke a cigar before you head to a Phoenix cigar club. The following tips will help you smoke like a pro:

  • Know your cigar – Do not smoke the first cigar that you find. Get familiar with different types of cigars before smoking. Cigar classifications include the Corona, Panatela, Perfecto, Pyramid and Culebra. Try starting with a very mild cigar. Hold the cigar, and inspect it for any imperfections. Try several different types of cigars and then settle on the one that is most appealing to you.
  • Cut the tip of the cigar – Do not light an uncut cigar. There is a cap that prevents the head from drying out. Cut it off, using a single-bladed cutter or sharp blade. Never use a dull blade because it will ruin the cigar. Cut the cigar in one clean chop without ruining the original shape.
  • Light your cigar – Lighting a cigar is a world apart from lighting a cigarette. You put the cigarette in your mouth and make continuous puffs while you let the tip come in contact with a flame. With cigars, you use a lighter to warm the foot of the cigar by holding it near the flame. The cigar shouldn’t actually touch the flame. Your next step is to inhale strongly enough to light the cigar, but do not inhale the smoke. You should then blow on the foot of the cigar to evenly distribute the heat.
  • Use the correct lighter – When lighting your cigar, do not just use anything that produces a flame. Lighters can alter the flavor of the cigar. A butane lighter or long wooden matches are ideal for lighting cigars. Do not use gas lighters, candles or paper matches.
  • Smoke the cigar – Hold the cigar between your lips, and draw in the smoke. Hold the smoke in your mouth to enjoy the flavor, then exhale. Remember that cigar smoke is not to be inhaled.
  • Extinguish your cigar – When you are done smoking, stop puffing on your cigar, and the flame will immediately die down. You can then set your cigar in an ashtray.

Many people enjoy drinking alcohol while they smoke. Alcohol can enhance the flavor of the cigar. For a relaxing and indulgent setting, visit our Phoenix cigar shop for a wide selection of spirits and some of the world’s best cigars.