A humidor is a box or a room that is humidity-controlled for storing cigars. Too much or too little humidity can damage tobacco products. A humidor helps maintain a proper moisture level to preserve the integrity of the cigars.

Humidor on a Budget

A humidor could be a large room like in cigar shops or a small box that holds a dozen or so cigars for private use. Often, people buy cigars in bulk. For example, they may take a trip to a cigar-producing country and snap up some exotic cigars. They may then bring the cigars back home in hopes of smoking them in the coming months or sharing them with loved ones for special occasions down the road. A cigar humidor can help protect their stash from moisture in the environment and keep them fresh over time.

If you enjoy cigars, consider investing in a nice humidor. If you don’t have the budget for one, however, you can make one without much cost or fuss.

A “tupperdor” is a homemade humidor that can be crafted cheaply. If you have plastic food containers on hand, you are partway to the finished product.

Building a homemade humidor requires the following:

  • A clear and airtight plastic container. The ones you use at home to store food will work just fine.
  • Spanish cedar (planks, chips, etc.)
  • A digital humidity monitor (available in most hardware stores).
  • A humidity controller. You can order these online or improvise with absorbent silicon beads in distilled water. Either way, you want your humidity to be around 70 percent (give or take a percentage or two).

Start your humidor with your plastic container. Wash it thoroughly to remove any debris or odor. Cut the cedar plank to size to make it fit the bottom of the container (or use cedar chips). Place the digital humidity monitor inside the tupperdor with the readout facing up so you can see it through the clear lid. Add your cigars. Add your humidity controller.

Your humidor is now ready. Watch to make sure that your moisture levels and temperature stay on point. Enjoy a cigar today, or preserve them for a special occasion in the future.