On October 1, the world celebrates International Coffee Day. The celebration is spearheaded by the International Coffee Organization, which is composed of 77 member states and various coffee associations. For coffee lovers, the day is a worldwide celebration of the journey that coffee beans take, from when they are planted to harvest, and the process they undergo to contribute to the drink that many enjoy on a daily basis. It’s also a day to honor those who make that all possible.

How to Pair Cigars with Coffee

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Cigar lovers know that there’s nothing better than being able to pair your cigar with liquor or food, pull out new flavors, and heighten enjoyment. Similarly, cigar aficionados who also appreciate a good cup of coffee will find pairing cigars and coffee to be a delightful experience as well. Like cigars, coffee can have nuanced and complex flavors. It’s essential that if you are pairing a cigar with coffee, you use care in how you match the two together. You must be sure that the flavors will complement each other for a fully enjoyable experience.

Here are some ideas of cigars and coffees that belong together:

Perdomo Habano — This cigar utilizes the Connecticut shade wrapper paired with Cuban-seed grown in Nicaragua. This combination creates a smooth earthy flavor. Combining the Perdomo Habano with a medium or dark roast will help enhance the earthy flavor.

Romeo y Julieta Aniversario — This cigar uses Ecuador-grown Sumatra wrappers and a blend of fillers from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Peru. The rich, nutty flavor of these cigars pairs well with medium roast coffees, creating a savory and light flavor.

Montecristo White Series Rothschild — Pairing a Montecristo White with a latte will be the ultimate experience for coffee lovers who like a little bit of cream. Since this cigar has a mellow smoky flavor with some underlying nutty flavors, when it’s combined with a latte, it will provide a smooth, sweet taste that will appeal to cigar aficionados who love sweets.

Partagas 1845 Extra Oscuro — When paired with a dark, full-bodied roast, this cigar’s flavor will pop. The Oscuro wrapper utilizes many spices to make a strong flavor. When paired with a dark roast coffee, the flavor will be enhanced and sweetened.

Tatuaje Black Label Cazadores — The smooth, robust flavor of this cigar pairs well with the equally rich and bold taste of a straight shot of espresso. If you want to add another dimension to the pairing, you can add some sugar to the beverage for some sweetness.

If you appreciate good coffee and fine cigars, there’s a good chance combining both will appeal to you. The trick is to do your homework; try a few different match-ups and see which ones suit your senses the best.