The 2017 tax deadline is set for Tuesday, April 18. Undoubtedly, many taxpayers will be scrambling to beat the deadline if they do not want to suffer the consequences of not filing their taxes on time.

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Preparing taxes can be a very stressful endeavor. You may have to dig up old financial files, looking for receipts and other documents needed to support deductions. It is critical to make sure that all taxable income received within the calendar year is included in the filing. Otherwise, you are taking the risk of being charged with tax evasion or being subjected to an IRS audit, both of which could turn ugly.

The tax filing process can be rather Byzantine, and you may find yourself making mistakes. If you get flustered, you could get sloppy and make adding errors or fail to avail yourself of all the exemptions to which you are entitled.

Staying relaxed throughout the tax-filing process may be easier said than done, especially as you feel the deadline creeping up on you. If you find yourself getting agitated, it’s important to set aside some time for a diversion or two. You’ll work better knowing rest and relaxation are in the offing. If you are a cigar aficionado, take a moment to enjoy a stogy and calm your nerves. The experience of smoking a cigar can soothe your mind and soul.

Many people consider cigar smoking to be a form of therapy that can rival even an expensive psychiatric session. Your taxes will still be there when you’re finished, but you’ll likely feel more motivated to work through the filing process after a relaxing break.