Labor Day is intended to celebrate the nation’s work force, but it’s also a great day to enjoy the last gasps of summer. Knowing that all good things must end, people often fill their Labor Day weekend with all the adventures they wish to have before summer fades into fall.

Make the Most of Labor Day Weekend

(Pixabay / Katrina_S)

Labor Day could be the last chance for people to hit the ocean or lake before the weather turns cold. They can bring out the water gear one last time before they store it away for the rest of the year. People can enjoy the waves or the sand between their toes as they take in a final sunny day on the beach. They may also head to parks and campsites to relax under clear skies, knowing that the impending winter will snuff out these opportunities for several months.

Labor Day could also present a final opportunity for people to host a barbecue. Why venture out when you can enjoy the haven of your very own backyard? Pull out the corn hole boards or volleyball nets for some friendly competition. Fire up the grill and have your neighbors potluck the sides and desserts.

If you will be hosting kids, start a game of backyard bowling. You can improvise by using empty two-liter bottles for the pins and soccer or tennis balls in lieu of bowling balls. While the kids play, you and the other adults can settle into patio chairs and enjoy quality conversation while smoking your favorite cigars. If you live in the Valley of the Sun, visit a cigar shop in Scottsdale for a fine selection of smokes coupled with recommendations from cigar experts.

If hosting a party at home is not your cup of tea, take the family to visit a local theme or amusement park. You may also be able to check-out a nearby parade or fireworks display. As the school year revs up again and the warm days cool down, seize the Labor Day weekend for a carefree holiday in the company of loved ones.