Memorial Day in the U.S. is always celebrated on the last Monday of May. This year, it will fall on May 29. The holiday commemorates all men and women who perished in the service of the U.S. military. People visit cemeteries to pay tribute to the departed.

Memorial Day

(Pixabay / DZackCulver)

The day is traditionally marked as the start of the summer season, and Americans often celebrate the long weekend with outdoor activities. They may gather in parks and backyards, enjoying a barbecue with family and friends. Cigar lovers may seize the occasion as a chance to savor their favorite brand of cigar.

Smoking a cigar can be relaxing, but some people might enjoy enlivening the experience by pairing it with the following activities:

  • Having a drink – Many cigar aficionados swear that the best way to enjoy the fine indulgences in life is to smoke their favorite cigar while having a drink of their favorite spirit. They claim that the drink can enhance the flavor of the cigar.
  • Chatting with friends – Smoking a cigar is a social activity. You can unwind in the company of friends—or establish new friendships. Some people enjoy going to cigar bars where they can make the acquaintance of others who find solace in the finer things in life. The shared pastime of cigar smoking gives them an immediate connection.
  • Reading – Cigar lovers often claim that they can focus better on their books when they are smoking a cigar. Indulging in a good book and a fine cigar invokes the best of two worlds.
  • Playing sports – Granted, you can’t engage in a game of football with a stogie in your hand, but you can enjoy a cigar while fishing or playing golf.
  • Watching TV or listening to music – You can turn on your favorite show or crank up your favorite tunes while smoking.

As you look forward to the Memorial Day weekend, make plans to enjoy your favorite activities—and have a fine cigar at the ready.