While Hollywood portrays cigar indulgence as a men’s activity, women cigar smokers have a large share of the market, too. Stogie’s are now fast becoming the smoke of choice by women over a pack of cigarettes.

woman and cigars

A 2014 Washington Times article comments that in the 80’s, as little as one-tenth of one percent of the US cigar market was comprised of women. Now, it’s about two percent. That is a 20-times increase.

The increase in women cigar smokers can partially be attributed to diversified cigar selections. With tasty cigars like the Java Mint by Drew Estate or thinner ring gauge cigars, like Macanudo Café Portofino, that are better fit for petite hands, a larger market is growing for cigar sales amongst women.

With such amazing selections for women, why not indulge your mom with a cigar this Mother’s Day? Here are some customer-submitted favorite cigars among women.

  • Java Mint by Drew Estate has a delicious taste of mocha. An easy introduction to cigars for the first-time smoker.
  • Cafe Creme Henri Wintermans’ 100% natural tobaccos wrapped in a natural Java wrapper delivers smooth flavor.
  • Rum Runner has a dash of rum added at the cap to give your cigar a delicious hint of rum taste.