Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving Day, is generally regarded in the U.S. as the beginning of the holiday shopping season. With the improved economy and higher consumer confidence, the retail industry is looking for an increase in sales this year. Most retailers will extend their hours and offer big promotions to spur consumer spending. In many instances, retailers even hire seasonal staff to handle the increased customer load.


With Black Friday being the biggest shopping day of the year, retailers will be offering deep discounts on many items, including clothes, electronics, bath items, and Christmas decorations.

Cigar Lovers

Cigars and cigar accessories will be among the items discounted for Black Friday. If you or someone on your gift list is a fan of cigars, watch for discounts on the following accessories.

  • Humidor – This is a small wooden box with constant humidity used to hold a few dozen cigars. It is an essential item for cigar lovers because it helps maintain a consistent level of humidity, which is essential for the rich flavor and freshness of cigars. Commercial humidors are typically made of wood, but other materials such as acrylic glass, carbon fiber, silicon carbide, and polyethylene can be used, too. The interior of the humidor is usually a veneer of Spanish cedar.
  • Cigar cutter – Cigars typically come with one straight cut end with the other end in a cap, which needs to be cut off before smoking. Cigar cutters comes in various types such as the guillotine cutter, the double blade cutter, the bullet punch cutter or the cigar scissors. Whatever your preference, Black Friday is a great time to seek out discounted cutters.
  • Cigar lighter – There are several types of cigar lighters available on the market. There is even a combo cigar lighter and cutter. They are often discounted by 50 percent on Black Friday.
  • Cigar case – There are cases for different sizes and counts of cigar. There is even a cigar case with a built-in humidifier, although be prepared to pay close to $100 for it—unless, of course, you can snag a Black Friday discount.
  • Cigar ashtray – Cigar ashtrays comes in different sizes, styles, and materials. There are ash trays for the masses and even for those with the most discriminating tastes.

Cigar accessories are available in cigar and smoke shops year-round, but a cigar lover can take advantage of Black Friday offerings in most stores for special prices. Happy shopping.