Cigar smoking is a wonderful hobby that has the ability to bring people together. Our team at Torch Cigar Bar is grateful that our cigars have brought our wonderful clientele to us, and we would like to thank all of our patrons for trusting us to bring you the ultimate cigar smoking experience.

National Thank You Month

(Pixabay / HeungSoon)

Through your loyal patronage of Torch Cigar Bar, we have become one of the top cigar bars in the Phoenix areas, as well as in the state of Arizona. As our business has grown and our clientele has expanded, we’ve searched for new ways to make our cigar bars and lounges stand out among others.

Our cigar bar is considered an elegant and classy space, with a contemporary design that is warm and inviting for those looking to relax. We also have a large selection of branded luxury cigars and excellent spirits. We offer over 200 different cigars, 100 different whiskey brands, over 200 spirits, and eight different taps. We also provide high-end cocktails, as well as rare bourbons and scotches that members and patrons can enjoy.

Torch Cigar Bar offers the perfect ambiance and experience for a late night drink or smoking one or more fine cigars. Our resort-style patio is the ideal place for people to spend an evening with friends, lovers, or work associates. For those looking for more privacy, Torch Cigar Bar offers rooms for private functions and meetings.

Another feature that sets Torch Cigar Bar apart from the competition is the benefits it provides its members. Torch Cigar Bar members receive the following:

  • Personalized premium Spanish cedar locker
  • Luxurious design with contemporary furnishings and 20-foot vaulted ceilings
  • Deluxe patio (largest in the state)
  • Gorgeous views of the surrounding landscape
  • Gourmet food delivery options
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Initial access to VIP events
  • Fast, secure Wi-Fi
  • 20 percent off of all purchases

As we enter a new year of business, our Torch Cigar Bar team will continue to provide the best services for our valued customers and look forward to offering the highest quality cigars and drinks for years to come.