The New Year is best welcomed in the company of family and friends—preferably with a cigar in hand. Your challenge may be deciding exactly where to celebrate. If you’re looking for a memorable place to usher in 2018, here are a few ideas.

New Year Celebration Hot Spots

(Pixabay / StockSnap)

  • New Orleans – You can enjoy the fireworks along the Mississippi River while taking in the great food and music of Bourbon Street in the French Quarter. Complete the night’s celebration by enjoying the flavor of a G.A.R. Opium by George Rice. This cigar is loaded with flavors that range from sweet to savory. For more fun, you can light up an Arturo Fuente or a Montecristo Epic. The well-loved Epic is available in four different choices – Churchill, Robusto, Toro, and No. 2.
  • Las Vegas – The party never ends in Vegas. Your choices for celebrating will be endless. Most every casino on the strip has a New Year’s party package. A cigar aficionado will feel at home in Vegas while puffing a Davidoff’s Zino Platinum cigar—a perfect choice for high rollers.
  • Torch Cigar Bar – Celebrate the New Year with your friends at Torch Cigar Bar in Phoenix, Arizona. Our rising star establishment has become the gold-standard among cigar bars in Arizona. You can enjoy world-class cigars in our beautiful lounge or bask in the temperate Phoenix air on our sprawling patio. We offer a broad selection of rare and world-class spirits that will complement your favorite cigar.
  • Celebrate at home – Though it may not sound exotic, there is something comfortable and easy about spending New Year’s Eve at home with loved ones. Make sure to have plenty of cigars and fine spirits on hand for your guests to enjoy.

You survived 2017. Reward yourself by planning for a fun and festive New Year’s Eve celebration.