Read Across America Day is held on March 2 of each year. It was the National Education Association’s idea to create a day to celebrate reading, especially among children. The holiday is now recognized across the country in numerous ways, such as the NEA sponsoring reading roundtables and other activities to support the effort.

Best Books about Cigars and Cigar Smoking

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Read Across America Day isn’t just for school-aged children, however. In recognition of this holiday, cigar lovers can find a book to give them a more in-depth knowledge of the history, making, and sharing of cigars.

Here is a list of some books that are good reads for cigar aficionados in observance of Read Across America Day.

The Complete Guide to Cigars

For people who want to learn more about the history of cigars, this book by Steve Luck will be an eye-opener. The book discusses how the New World was settled and the role played by cigars in causing decades of conflicts between nations.

The book also discusses methods for producing cigars, including the packing and exporting to different countries. Cigar lovers will learn from this book the proper way of storing cigars and how to get the most out of them. In addition, the book has a detailed compilation of premium brands of cigars available around the world.

The Cuban Cigar Handbook: The Discerning Aficionado’s Guide to the Best Cuban Cigars in the World

Penned by Matteo Speranza, the book discusses how lifting the U.S. embargo on the Cuban cigars has made cigar lovers anticipate the arrival of the precious cargo from the country’s southern neighbor. The book takes the readers on a virtual journey to the world of tobacco growing, particularly in Cuba. It also touches on the Cuban art of cigar hand-rolling. Speranza offers cigar aficionados some timely tips on the selection of the best specimens.

The Cigar Legend: Cigar Journal

Written by Barett Kincheloe and Spencer Smith (and you!), this book, although on the pricey side, is a wonderful gift for the true cigar enthusiast. Your participation in the book is guaranteed by the empty spaces that are reserved for the cigar bands from your favorite brands and a journal about your cigar memories and preferences.

The book allows you to be one of the authors as you rate your best and worst cigars. It also helps you preserve your own history that will be read in the future by the next generations of cigar aficionados.

The Ultimate Cigar Book

This work by Richard Carleton Hacker is a definitive guide to cigars, and it happens to be the best-selling book about the subject.

This book, the most comprehensive on the topic, must be included in the library of every cigar aficionado. The book discusses cigar history, how they are made, proper storage, and many basic things that every cigar fan should know.

The book is also good for those who are just beginning to appreciate the joy of smoking a cigar.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Cigars (2nd Edition)

This remarkable book is perfect for those who are just learning the intricacies of cigar smoking. It covers various topics that range from where to buy the best cigars to the devices to maximize your enjoyment of cigar smoking. It also includes the etiquette of cigar smoking and many other topics that people need to know if they want to claim that they are true cigar enthusiasts.

You can observe Read Across America Day by spending some time with any of these books, which will also broaden your knowledge about the cigars that you love.