Whether you’re a social smoker or a regular smoker, it’s interesting to see how the statistics break down.


Swedish Match conducted a survey of 1,000 Americans. Their results found that Millennials have the highest percentage of smokers with 23% of individuals who are aged between 18 and 34 smoking cigarettes. Second is 35 years old to 54 years old at 22%. The lowest age group are those 55 years old and older at 17%.

Among those people who smoke, 15% hide their smoking habit, and 36% cover up their smoking habit at work.

The survey also found out that:

  • approximately 23% of all Americans enjoy smoking
  • 42% have never tried smoking
  • In college students, 52% never smoke
  • 23% have quit at one point
  • fear of disease and poor health tops quitting reasons
  • 33% quit due to smoking being too expensive

The smoking schedule of Americans greatly varies. The survey states that 62% of American smokers spend at least one hour each day on smoking. One out of four subjects says that they smoke at least three hours each day.


The survey doesn’t only limit its survey to cigarettes but also includes some electronic cigarette users. 58% of smokers says there’s nothing wrong with using electronic cigarettes. However, 36% don’t use electronic cigarettes because the health effects of the devices are still undetermined by experts. There is 18% percent that considers electronic cigarettes a fad that will pass. Additionally, half of American smokers use e-cigarettes.