There are many brands of cigars in the world, but there are a few that stand out from the rest. These famous cigar brands can be difficult to find, but they are often well worth the search and the purchase price.

Best-of-the-Best Cigars

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The most popular cigar brands include the following:

  • Cohiba – This is the most recognizable cigar brand in the world. It is also one of the most acclaimed Cuban cigars, although it is quite difficult to find in the United States. When the Cuban government nationalized the cigar industry, the founders of Cohiba moved their operations to the Dominican Republic. They took with them their name, their tobacco seeds, and their signature cigar-making methods. The Cohiba cigars that are produced outside of Cuba are known as the red dot Cohibas because of the unique dot in the middle of the letter O on the brand.
  • Romeo y Julieta – This line comprises two types of cigars that use the same brand name. Its history is similar to Cohiba’s. Romeo y Julieta also moved its operations to the Dominican Republic when the Cuban government nationalized the industry. Cuba continued producing this brand of cigars and so did the original company that moved to the Dominican Republic.
  • Montecristo – This is another world-famous brand that moved with the nationalization of the Cuban cigar industry. Like many others, the company relocated in the Dominican Republic and continued its storied tradition of producing world-class cigars.
  • Partagas – Established in Havana in 1845, this is one of the oldest brands of cigars in the world. There are two kinds of Partagas cigars produced today. One is made for Habanos SA in Cuba while the other is manufactured in the Dominican Republic for the General Cigar Company. The Partagas cigars from the Dominican Republic do not contain any Cuban tobacco.

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