The Big Game will be played on February 4 this year. Football fans will be rooting for their favorite team while people of all ages and persuasions will be anticipating the year’s best commercials. There will be food and drinks in rich supply. For cigar aficionados, the game will provide the perfect opportunity to relax with a premium smoke.

Super Bowl Purchased Your Cigars

(Pixabay / Lernestorod)

America’s favorite sports event makes for just the right occasion to pull out that perfect cigar from the humidor and enjoy.

If you’re wondering what to smoke during this year’s Big Game, here are a few suggestions:

  • Padron Serie 1926 80 Years – Like other cigars in the 1926 series, the Padron Serie 1926 80 Years uses only tobacco that has been aged for five full years. The refined tobaccos used in blending this cigar create exceptional smoothness, balance, and complexity that aficionados rarely find in full-bodied cigars. The cigars were produced in honor of Jose Orlando Padron’s 80th birthday.
  • Carbonell Churchill Cigars – These cigars were hand-rolled by the famous Carbonell family in the Dominican Republic, which has been making cigars since 1907. The cigars are the only ones that used the Carbonell sweet leaf, giving an unforgettably sweet and amazingly smooth taste. Smoking this cigar will impart a refreshing experience and relaxed mood as you watch the game.
  • White Owl Blunt Grape Cigars – Among the most popular machine-made cigars in the U.S., these are mild-bodied, corona-shaped, and grape-flavored. They come in colorful, convenient boxes for your enjoyment and are extremely affordable. You can circulate the box among friends as you cheer on your favorite team.
  • Flor de Las Antillas Toro Sun Grown Cigars – The Garcia family that became famous for My Father Cigars has now crafted the Flor de las Antillas cigars as a way of paying tribute to their native Cuba. The cigars are medium-bodied Nicaraguan puro. They are made of a variety of excellent tobaccos from Cuba and nestled inside the deep brown signature Sun Grown wrapper.

Stay relaxed as you savor the luxury of your favorite cigar while enjoying this month’s Big Game.