Smoking a cigar is one life’s little pleasures. There is a class and elegance associated with cigar smoking, and there is a reason for this – cigars are expensive. Compared to the cost of smoking cigarettes, the cost of smoking cigars is prohibitive for many people. Smoking high-end cigars could set you back several hundred, even thousands of dollars.

Finest Cigars

(Pixabay / mwilky)

If you are a discriminating smoker, the following top-notch cigars will satisfy your cravings:

  • Gurkha Black Dragon – Available at 8.5 inches long with a 52-inch ring size, Gurkha Black Dragon is the most expensive cigar in the world. The cigars come in a hand-carved bone chest. Priced at $1,150, these cigars are available only in the finest cigar stores.
  • Cohiba Behike – This is the most exclusive line of the very prestigious Habanos brand. Measuring 7.5 inches in length and with a 52-inch ring size, this cigar brand debuted in 2006 with only 100 pieces manufactured. Plans are underway to bring the cigars back on the market. The cigars sell at $470.
  • Arturo Fuente Opus X “A” – This is part of a very rare cigar collection. With a 9.2 inch length and 43-inch ring size, this Arturo Fuente product can be purchased as a single stick cigar at select cigar shops for about $79.
  • Fuente Don Arturo AnniverXario – Created in 2001, this cigar was only released in 2008. The cigar was created to honor the memory of Arturo, the father of the company’s president, Carlito Fuente. A box of these cigars, containing 46 sticks, will set you back $7,500.
  • King of Denmark – This is a typically made-to-order cigar. The company produces only about 30 of these cigars. They are wrapped in gold foil that bears the name of the client that ordered them. They can be personalized with a crown of diamond, gold, and silver for $4,500.

These are only some of the world’s finest cigars. Phoenix and Scottsdale residents can discover more exclusive smokes at the up-and-coming Arizona cigar shop on High Street known as Torch Cigar Bar.