El Baton was introduced in 1914 and became a popular pick at the time because it cost only a measly nickel per piece. Originally rolled with Cuban tobacco leaves, the El Baton is famously known as the original nickel stick.

History of El Baton cigars

This unique cigar brand is made by J.C. Newman Cigar Company, which was established in 1895 and is the oldest family-owned premium cigar maker in the United States. El Baton cigars are one of the original historic brands from the company.

The full-bodied blend is a Nicaraguan puro and offers a bold, hearty smoke that will appeal to cigar aficionados who will appreciate a cigar’s full flavor and strength. The El Baton features generous notes of nuts, coffee, spice, raisins, and sweetness.

While this famous brand was off the market for a bit, it was reissued in 2010. Since its return, the El Baton cigar has made an astonishing comeback; it has a 93-rating, and is listed as a Top 25 Cigar. The El Baton is a cigar you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

El Baton cigars offerings include:

  • El Baton Belicoso — This cigar is a full belicoso that measures 5”x56. It has natural color and wrapped with Corojo leaves from Nicaragua. It comes in a box of 25 cigars, pack of 5, or as a single cigar.
  • El Baton Double Toro — Double Toro is a full strength toro cigar, measuring 6”x60. It has natural color and wrapped in Corojo leaves from Nicaragua. You can buy Double Toro in a box of 25, a pack of five, or as a single cigar.
  • El Baton Robusto — Another El Baton offering from the company with full strength Robusto that measures 5”x54. It has natural color and wrapped with Corojo from Nicaragua. It is available as a box of 25, pack of 5, or a single cigar.

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