A cigar is typically enjoyed with something else, such as spirits or chocolate. When you match cigar smoking up with another experience or substance, it is referred to as “pairing.” Pairing, however, is not limited to food and drink. People have been pairing their cigars with music for many years. If you smoke a cigar for enjoyment, joining it with great music will double the fun.

Perfect Accompaniment for Cigar Smoking

(Pixabay / igorovsyannykov)

Environment makes a big difference when it comes to smoking cigars. While the cigar is the catalyst for relaxation, the full experience goes well beyond the tobacco. Having the perfect soundtrack further enhances the greatness of a cigar.

There are a number of parallels between the enjoyment of cigars and music. For example, the length of time it takes to smoke a good cigar is about the duration of a musical album, giving you the opportunity to fully enjoy your cigar while taking in the complete album.

There are plenty of lists of perfect cigar and spirits pairings, but there’s no exact formula for the combination of cigar smoking and music. You simply choose your cigar and your favorite music and see how you enjoy them together.

You can tweak the experience from there. Perhaps you’ll appreciate something a little softer next time or something with a different rhythm. Maybe you enjoy classical music or jazz or even show tunes. From Beethoven to Metallica, anything goes. It all comes down to a matter of personal preference.