Many great people in history have smoked cigars, influencing current world leaders and influential figures to embrace the pastime. Cigar smoking has been an ingrained habit for monarchs, politicians, movie stars, and other famous people in society.

Top Cigar Smoking Countries

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Over a billion people worldwide (about one-fifth of the world’s population) smoke cigars and cigarettes. The tobacco industry constitutes one of the largest economic activities in different countries in the world. More than 33 million people are employed in the tobacco industry.

Tobacco consumption continues to grow in many parts of the world. The following are the countries where people smoke the most cigars and cigarettes:

  • Montenegro – This upper-middle-income country in Southeastern Europe tops the list of adult cigar or cigarette smokers. The average cigarette consumption stands at 4,124.53 per adult per year. More than 137,000 adults out of a population of 612,383 smoke cigars or cigarettes each day.
  • Belarus – Tobacco consumption in Western Europe has significantly declined, but it remains robust in the Eastern European countries. The level of tobacco consumption in Belarus continues to steadily increase year after year. An average adult in the country smokes about 97 packs of cigarettes per year.
  • Macedonia – Smoking a cigar or cigarette is a time-honored tradition in Macedonia. More than 642,000 adults and 5,000 children use tobacco products each day. Macedonia has a per capita cigarette consumption of 2,732.
  • Russia – Russia has one of the highest smoking rates in the world. Approximately 44 million Russians (about 40% of the country’s population) are cigar or cigarette smokers. About 60% of Russian males and 22% of Russian females smoke.
  • Slovenia – The country has a per capita consumption of 1,775 cigarettes annually. More than 427,000 Slovenian adults and 7,000 children smoke tobacco products every day.
  • Lebanon – Cigar and cigarette smoking are highly popular among the Lebanese. Adults in Lebanon smoke an average of 119 packs of cigarettes per year. The per capita consumption is 2,370 cigarettes per year. Lebanon has experienced the second highest increase in cigarette consumption in the world in recent years.

While some countries’ tobacco consumption is declining, it remains a hot commodity in many parts of the world. If you enjoy the sophistication of a good smoke, visit a cigar bar in Scottsdale to enjoy high-end surroundings in the company of distinguished smokers.