Aaaah, spring. It emerges from winter with blooming flowers, temperate weather, and the promise of new beginnings. Spring is a great season for smoking cigars, but it’s not always easy to find the right place to enjoy the full experience. Health regulations prohibit smoking in certain indoor spaces, and outside locations may not always prove to be amenable.

Places to Savor a Spring Cigar

(Pixabay / ZIPNON)

If you’re looking for just the right place to smoke, consider the following ideas:

  • Smoking areas – Hotels and restaurants often have designated smoking areas depending on state laws. If it’s important to you to enjoy a cigar as part of your dining experience or hotel stay, call in advance to find out about the hotel’s policies.
  • Gentlemen’s clubs – There are gentlemen’s clubs in almost every city in the country, and many allow smoking. When you visit a city, check for the locations of the gentlemen’s clubs in the area and inquire about their smoking rules.
  • The outdoors – Spring is a prime season for outdoor activities like hiking, mountain climbing, and relaxing in the park. Bring your favorite cigar,head outdoors, and relish the beauty of nature.
  • Water – If you live near water, spring is a great season for boating. Try renting a boat if you don’t own one. Savor your cigar as the water lilts you along.
  • Torch Cigar Bar’s outside patio – Torch Cigar Bar in Phoenix, Arizona offers cigar aficionados the opportunity to experience a world-class selection of 200 premium cigars and a state-of-the-art humidor. But this spring, the real attraction will be our outside patio—a sprawling 1,800 square foot area for cigar lovers.

Light up your spring by indulging in fine cigars, and expand your horizons by smoking in unique new places.