Cutting your cigar is an important part of the smoking process, as it allows air to pass through. However, if you do it wrong, you could ruin the cigar. To cut your cigar, you need to understand proper techniques and have the right tools.

Types of Cigar Cutters

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When it comes to cigar cutting tools, there are a number to choose from. Here’s a look at some of the most popular options:

V-shaped wedge cutter — The wedge cutter has a unique blade that makes a notched hole on the head of the cigar. Its design allows it to slice the head of the cigar on one side at an even depth. However, it can be easy to cut too deeply into your cigar with a wedge cutter, which causes a cigar to smoke too hot.

Guillotine cutter — Many people prefer a straight cut, which can be easily accomplished with a guillotine cutter. There are two options for guillotine cutters: a single blade or double blade. Double blades generally make a cleaner cut and are the preferred option for aficionados.

Shuriken cutter — This type of cutter works very well for shorter cigars. Since the cutter has six sharp razor blades that make slits in the cigar, you won’t lose any length on your cigar.

Punch cutter — Instead of cutting off the head of the cigar, punch cutters use a circular blade to poke a hole in the head of the cigar. This method can be tricky to do correctly. With this type of cut, there’s a greater chance of tar accumulating near the hole. The tar will have an impact on the taste of the cigar, which some smokers may dislike. Additionally, if you don’t cut a large enough hole, there’s a chance that drawing from the cigar will be difficult.

If you find yourself without a cutter, you could always try the classic biting method. However, that’s not as precise of a technique as using a cutter. If you’re new to cigar smoking, you might consider trying different cutters and seeing which you prefer.