The main purpose of a humidor is to provide the exact amount of humidity needed to best maintain a cigar. Humidors vary in size depending on how many cigars need to be kept inside it.

What Kind of Humidor Do You Need?

  1. The pocket humidor usually holds about three cigars. It is more of a storage device that holds cigars for a few hours than any sort of long-term humidor. This humidor fits nicely inside a shirt pocket or a briefcase.
  2. The walk-in humidor is like a walk-in closet, only smaller. Among all the humidors, this one provides the most consistent humidity level. This type of humidor is found in cigar bars and retail shops. Those with disposable income can have them installed inside their home, too. It can be custom-built as a new piece or added to an existing walk-in closet or by repurposing a room.
  3. The cabinet humidor is often installed in a retail shop or a cigar bar. Some cigar aficionados have these installed in their homes. While a cabinet humidor can be used for various purposes, a good portion of the cabinet goes to the cigars. Bigger cabinet humidors can hold at least 1000 cigars at a time.
  4. The coffee table humidor surprisingly holds a large number of cigars in it. The one thing that this humidor solves is the issue of space. Since it comes in the form of a coffee table, it serves a dual purpose. It can be used to hold coffee or cocktails when entertaining or for your TV remote and magazines when lounging at home. Underneath the table top sits the humidor itself which can be accessed through pullout drawers. Coffee table humidors typically store about a hundred cigars.
  5. The personal humidor is the humidor for novices. The usual capacity of these is between 30 to 70 cigars without being too large or too expensive.
  6. The travel humidor is ideal for the person who travels frequently. These are portable humidors and make it easy for the smoker to bring his cigars with him anywhere. They even have travel humidors that are specially made for golfers.

There are different ways of assuring your cigars get enough humidity. With these humidors, you are assured that the quality of your cigars will stay at optimum levels. Visit our cigar lounge to see our very own state-of-the-art walk-in humidor.

Types of Humidors