Valentine’s Day is an evolving ritual of romance, dating, and relationships. In most parts of the world, it is common to give a lady flowers or chocolates. On the other end of this gift-giving tradition, the menfolk often receive dinner, liquor, or even cigars.

Valentine's Day Cigars

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Cigars as Gifts

It is not a new concept to give a cigar as a gift as part of a holiday or other celebration. The cigar is traditionally given away when a baby is born, and may be paired with a shot of good-quality whiskey. Sports championships and significant victories can also be celebrated with cigars and champagne, and well-wishers send cigars to friends and family to mark milestone events like job promotions and anniversaries.

The problem you may run into when deciding on a cigar gift is that good quality cigars can be expensive. Among the most expensive cigars in production is the Cohiba Behike that goes for $18,000 per box. A Gurkha Black Dragon sells for $1,150 per cigar. A less expensive but still luxurious Arturo Fuente Opus X BBMF costs about $55 each. These are not cheap items, but they are memorable gift ideas. And if you don’t want to break the bank, there are plenty of Arturo Fuente, J.C. Newman, El Baton, and Perla del Mar brand cigars that provide for a great smoking experience on a reasonable budget.

And don’t forget that although cigar smokers are usually men, there are a growing number of women smokers. They are as discerning as men and enjoy a good smoke as well. Often, they also enjoy a good drink with their cigars, like brandy and whiskey. So if you are buying for the woman in your life, think out of the box. Valentine’s Day can be far more than just sweets and roses.

Gifts for Cigar Lovers

You can also buy accessories to support your loved one’s cigar hobby. The top of the list would be a humidor. There are high-tech humidors, which make maintaining the perfect humidity level a breeze. Personalized humidors are also a thoughtful way to express your love. These can be placed on a desk or side table where your loved one will see them and think of you often.

Usually, if the humidor is on a side table, it is placed beside a decanter. It is not a coincidence that these two fixtures are often paired because cigars are best smoked with a good pour of liquor. Cognac is not the only good pairing, but it is closely associated with cigars. Single malt whiskey, rum, rye, bourbon, and port are some other drinks which complement cigars. Tequila is also worth considering, although tequila should not be drunk as a shot while smoking a cigar. Rather, it should be sipped and enjoyed slowly.

Smoking a cigar is a slow business and can take from half an hour to two hours, depending on the type and size. Intelligent, quiet conversation after dinner with a drink and cigar in hand can be a romantic setting for some couples. This combination can set the tone for a long, luxurious evening. So if you’re buying your partner a cigar, make sure that there’s one for you, too, so that you can enjoy your holiday indulgence together.