Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua produce the best reggae music and cigars. The countries are sun-drenched for most of the year, with beaches and blue seas as a familiar backdrop. If you want to feel cozier this winter, try smoking cigars from these countries while braving the cool temperatures of winter. This can evoke summer sceneries and make you feel warm all over.

Warm up with a Cigar this Winter

(Freeimages / Michael & Christa Richert)

It is easier to fight the winter blues while enjoying the flavorful aroma and taste of the following cigars from warm countries of the Caribbean:

  • Partagas – Generally regarded as the best cigar in the world, Partagas is produced by two unrelated companies in two countries – Partagas in Cuba and Partagas in the Dominican Republic. The Cuban Partagas is the best in the world and is produced in limited availability, which accounts for the high demand for the cigar.
  • Montecristo – The most popular among Cuban cigars because of its easy accessibility compared to the limited Partagas, this cigar has a smooth aroma and flavor.
  • Cohiba – This is the most recognizable among Cuban cigars and the most counterfeited cigar in the world. Buy Cohiba only from reputable shops. The authentic Cohiba has a very smooth taste which bolsters its popularity.
  • Oliva – This is a boutique cigar produced in Nicaragua. It has a unique combination of flavors, some smooth, some robust.
  • Padron – Produced in Nicaragua in very limited quantity, this is the most sought-after cigar in the world. Padrons are smooth and flavorful with a robust streak.
  • Romeo y Julieta – This medium-bodied cigar is produced in the Dominican Republic with blends of oak and coffee flavors that give off an alluring aroma.
  • Arturo Fuente – This brand is very similar to Romeo y Julieta and is also produced in the D.R.

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