January is National Thank You Month and a great excuse to express our appreciation to the people around us who have blessed our lives. We can make others feel happy and appreciated when we show gratitude, but we help ourselves as well. Science has shown that people who regularly count their blessings experience improved physical and mental health, sleep better at night, and have higher self-esteem.

National Thank You Month

(Pixabay / RyanMcGuire)

There are a number of ways to express thanks to others. Here are just a few:

  • Write a thank you note – The tradition of writing and mailing thank you notes is slowly dying in this age of digital communication. Still, there’s something special about opening your mailbox and finding a thank you note inside. Make a habit of writing thank you notes when people do something kind for you, invite you to dinner, or bring you a gift. If you have children, teach them to write thank you notes, too.
  • Listen – One of the best ways to show our appreciation for others is to value what they have to say. We can do this by listening intently. When someone is sharing something with you, try stopping what you are doing and looking them in the eye. You can listen actively and affirm what they have to say.
  • Call – We’re all busy, but a call doesn’t need to take extra time. And it can mean a lot to the person on the other end of the line. Call your friends and family members from time to time to say hello, and ask about their lives. It will make them feel important and loved.
  • Do a kind deed – Words are nice, but actions can speak louder. You can put your gratitude into action by doing things for others. Take out the trash, make someone’s bed, or wash their car.

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