Cigar aficionados who frequent our Arizona cigar shop, known as Torch Cigar Bar, are more inclined toward Cuban cigars than toward those manufactured in any other country. So what is it that makes Cuban cigars so great?

Cuban Cigars

(Pixabay / Frankieboy)

Cuba has been growing tobacco for hundreds of years, and the country’s cigar manufacturers have been producing high-quality cigars since the reign of King Philip II of Spain. The long experience of Cuban cigar makers has enabled them to master the art of cigar making. Another advantage for the Cuban cigar industry is the direct supervision of the government, which imposes very strict quality control measures to ensure that every cigar component leaving the factory is made according to the highest standards, is rolled properly, and is free of any imperfections.

Cuban cigars stand out because they are manufactured from the highest quality materials with extreme attention to detail. A single Cuban cigar goes through over a hundred steps in the manufacturing process. The Cuban cigar industry does not only follow strict standards of production, but they also adhere to a very detailed cigar creation ritual that has proved successful for the past 100 years.

Cuban cigars use only Cuban tobacco, unlike cigars produced in other parts of the world that combine tobacco materials from different countries. While many smokers may enjoy these tobacco blends, hard-core cigar aficionados prefer the purebred integrity of authentic Cuban cigars. On the other hand, inexperienced smokers may need to work up to Cubans because they have a very pungent taste and aroma that may be too much for beginners.

One drawback of Cuban cigars is that they are hard to find outside of Cuba. Many brands claim to be made in Cuba simply because they have included some fillers derived from Cuban tobacco. If you enjoy the allure of a good smoke, visit our Scottsdale cigar shop and check out our expansive selection of the finest cigars.