Many people who are unfamiliar with cigars might think that smoking a cigar is like smoking a cigarette. You just whip it out, light it up, and begin smoking. This is not the case, however. Cigars are a higher-class product and require more preparation and care.

Why Cut a Cigar

(Pixabay / dgphotografika)

While most manufacturers cut off the foot of the cigar for you, you must remove the head of the cigar before you begin smoking. The head of the cigar is where you put your mouth to smoke the cigar. If the head is not cut before lighting, it will be impossible to smoke the cigar, as air will not be able to pass through.

It may seem inconvenient to have to cut the head off of a cigar before smoking it. However, the cigar is designed this way to help hold the cigar together before smoking. When making a cigar, filler, leaves are rolled using a wrapper leaf. To hold the wrap together, manufacturers can use a knot or twist to keep everything in one bundle. More commonly, however, they use a cap, which is a piece of tobacco wrapper leaf that is placed at the head of the cigar to keep everything secure. The cap generally extends from the head of the cigar to where the label is placed on the cigar. When you cut your cigar, it’s crucial that you don’t cut more than you should or you run the risk of the cigar completely unraveling.

Another reason manufacturers don’t cut the head off before smoking is that the way in which the head is removed affects your smoking experience. Leaving the head of the cigar intact allows the smoker to choose what kind of cut they want, which will then determine whether they have a tight or loose draw. Since cigars can be pricey, it’s important that the smoker has the experience they want with the cigar of their choosing.

If you are a novice cigar smoker, you can explore a variety of ways of removing your cigar head. There are different types of cutting tools and techniques. As you discover what kind of cuts appeal to you, you will be able to customize your smoking experience.