A sub-par lighter for your cigar can cause the flavor to fade before you fully enjoy it. Puffing and huffing to light a cigar is just not the way to do it anymore. No matches, no cigarette lighters as well.

lit cigar

So the question is, what is the best way to light your cigar? The answer is – use a torch lighter. You’ll know right away from your jet-like flame that’s tall and straight; torch lighters are the way to go. With such a prominent flame you’ll zero in on your cigar for a flawless light. Not only will you light your cigar quicker, you’ll have to puff less to get a smooth burn started, too. With such a large and concentrated flame you can now light your cigars easily.

Scrap the Bic lighter that blows out with the faintest cool breeze or air from a nearby fan or air-conditioner. When you want to enjoy a cigar, demand a lighter that’s as good as your cigar you’re about to smoke. Torch lighters are the way to go.