Many people love smoking cigars—but not necessarily for all the same reasons. There are a variety of things that draw people to one of the world’s favorite pastimes. Here are just a few top reasons people invest in cigars:

Why We Love Cigars

(Pixabay / Paeparadox)

  • Tradition – Both cigar smoking and cigar making have long been threaded into the culture of many nations. In some cases, the tradition is passed down from generation to generation—often from a father to a son who has reached the appropriate age. Smoking that first cigar has become a rite of passage, marking the leap from adolescence to adulthood.
  • Celebration – A cigar is often smoked to celebrate important milestones in people’s lives, such as the arrival of a baby, a wedding, significant birthdays, retirement, and more. Cigars help people savor significant moments.
  • Relaxation – Cigar smoking allows many people to unwind from a stressful day. The rich aroma and distinct flavor of a cigar can have a calming effect, and you can blow away your stress and trouble on the trails of a puff of smoke. Sitting in a favorite chair – perhaps on the patio or in the backyard – and drawing smoke from a cigar can provide a perfect setting for meditation and musing. Some people claim that they do their best critical thinking while nursing a cigar.
  • Flavor – The flavor profile of each individual cigar has its own unique signature. No two cigars are exactly the same. As people progress in smoking a cigar, they notice a subtle change of aroma and flavor, making the process feel like a nuanced journey. There’s a sense of adventure for many cigar smokers as they seek out new flavors.
  • Lifestyle – For many cigar lovers, smoking is not a mere hobby—it is a lifestyle. They take pride in collecting cigars. They smoke them in the company of fellow cigar lovers. Cigar smoking is interwoven into the fabric of their every day rituals.

Though people smoke cigars for a variety of reasons, one constant is that cigar smoking is beloved worldwide.