July 5 is Workaholics Day, an unofficial holiday dedicated to people who devote the lion’s share of their waking hours to working, often ignoring other pursuits in the process. The purpose of the celebration is to remind people that all work and no play could be harmful to their physical and mental well-being. The day aims to encourage workaholics to adjust their lifestyle to accommodate other aspects of life and become more well-rounded individuals.

Workaholics Day Cigar

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Workaholics are often tethered to their electronic devices. They may use their smartphone to check their email the moment they wake up, then continue to check it obsessively throughout the day. Workaholics often express that it is difficult to leave work at the office. They may bring their laptop home and work away the evening hours. Even when they are on vacation, they may find themselves answering emails and taking phone calls.

Roughly 3 out of 10 workaholics have ADHD, compared with 1.3 out of 10 non-workaholics. About 26 percent of workaholics have obsessive-compulsive disorder compared to only 9 percent of non-workaholics. Workaholics are more prone to serious psychiatric disorders than people with more balanced lives. Nine percent of workaholics experience depression compared to only three percent of non-workaholics.

Researchers believe that extreme work habits may be rooted in deeper emotional or psychological issues. The issues could be reflective of overlapping genetic vulnerabilities or disorders. Some people question these theories, though, suggesting that workaholism is the cause of disorders, not the result of them.

If you believe that you may qualify as a workaholic and you do not want your emotional and physical health to suffer, seize Workaholics Day as an occasion to change your lifestyle and your attitude in life.

If you are not a workaholic but care about someone who is, take them out to dinner and help them get their mind off of their work. If they are open to suggestions, help them brainstorm ways to achieve a better work-life harmony.

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Re-evaluate your priorities this Workaholics Day, and find ways to get maximum fulfillment and enjoyment out of life.