Black Friday is the biggest shopping day in the U.S. and is generally regarded as the holiday shopping kick-off date. In 2016, Black Friday generated a total of $655.8 billion in total sales. Sales surge on this auspicious day because of the huge discounts that retailers offer. Many products are marked down to more than half of their original selling price.

Black Friday Sales for Cigar Lovers

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Toys, consumer electronics, and clothing items fly off the shelves on Black Friday. Cigars and cigar accessories may be discounted for the holiday as well.

If you or someone you care about is a cigar lover, look for these gift items that may be discounted on Black Friday:

  • Humidor – A humidor is essential for maintaining the freshness and rich flavor of cigars. You can purchase a humidor that is the size of a small box, holds a dozen or more cigars, and is made of different materials such as wood, carbon fiber, and acrylic glass. Most humidors have a veneer of Spanish cedar for maintaining the uniform humidity that is critical to keeping cigars fresh over time.
  • Cigar cutter – A cigar cutter is an essential accessory to cigar smoking. You cannot just cut the tip of your cigar with any bladed object because it could damage the cigar. There are various types of cutters such as the double blade cutter, guillotine cutter, bullet punch cutter or the cigar scissors. Plenty of high-quality cigar cutters will be on sale on Black Friday.
  • Cigar case – A cigar case holds a few cigars for the jet set smoker. The cigar case is available in different sizes to accommodate cigars of various sizes and counts. A high-end cigar case has a built-in humidifier. A smoker can grab their cigar case and go.
  • Cigar lighter – Cigars need a special kind of lighter. Many cigar lighters are heavily discounted on Black Friday.
  • Cigar ashtray – A cigar ashtray is different from a cigarette ashtray and may be available at exceptionally low prices on Black Friday.

Cigar accessories can be quite expensive, so Black Friday provides the perfect opportunity for stocking up. To learn more about fine cigars and accessories, visit a cigar shop in the City North area of Phoenix.